Cool Bee RC Stunt Car
Cool Bee RC Stunt Car

Cool Bee RC Stunt Car

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1. 2.4GH High Frequency: 2.4G frequency remote control, long remote control distance, good anti-interference ability, not interfere with each other, multi-person competition without interference.
2. 360° Rotation: Cool stunts, 360-degree dazzling dance mode, circles and rolling techniques. High-quality materials, wear-resistant and impact-resistant. Stable and durable tires, can adapt to various roads.
3. Automatic Drive Mode: One-key automatic drive. Full-function control, forward/backward/left/right. Cool lighting and sound effects.
4. Powerful Motor: Fast-moving, equipped with powerful motor, speed up to 15km/h. The splash and scratch-proof cover, made of high-quality materials.
5. Two options: 1) handle remote control; 2) handle remote control with watch remote control.


1. Cool special effects: Bee design, 360° rotation and flip.
2. One key automatic drive. Full function control, front/back/left/right.
3. 2.4Gzh radio remote control: Long control distance, up to 50 meters, to avoid interference when more cars are playing together.
4. USB cable rechargeable battery: 2.5-3 hours charging time supports 30 minutes of game time.
Note: The red light flashes when charging and goes out when fully charged
5. Cool LED Light: With cool LED lights, stable steering and throttle.
6. Ergonomic remote control to ensure best control for beginners.

Box content:
1 x Manual 
1 x USB Charger
1 x Remote Control Car
1 x Rechargeable Battery (including remote control car)
1 x Remote Control (2 1.5V AA batteries not included)

1 x Watch Remote Control (optional)


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