About Us

Why bees are so important

Bees and other pollinating insects play an essential role in our ecosystem. A third of all our food completely depends on their pollination and as much as 75% of all our crops would suffer some decrease in productivity without them. The worldwide economic value of bees' pollinating work is estimated at $280 billion per year. But as the world is moving progressively towards growing more crops that are dependent on bee pollination, managed honeybees in particular have been suffering increasingly. Bees and other pollinators are declining globally, but more specifically in North America and Europe, where honeybee colony mortality ranges anywhere from 20 up to 40% in recent winters.

How do we help?

The Happy Bee Hub was created in order to raise funding for various organizations that are actively fighting for the future of bees or that are promoting sustainable and ecological farming. We want to be the gift shop that gives back to its community and part of the revenue directly contributes to this cause. We are currently working on a separate section of the site dedicated to our donation overview so stay tuned.

Why buy from us?

Reason 1: Apart from financial support we also actively help spread awareness about the crucial role of bees and the problems they are facing. Most of the organizations we support do not have the funding or means to advertise for their cause on the scale that we do using various social media platforms. In fact you can already help out just by liking our facebook page or sharing our blog posts, so more and more people will realize the seriousness of the issue at hand and will start to see bees as more than just honey makers.

Reason 2: Even if some people are aware of the threats bees are facing, they often don't know how they can help. As mentioned earlier, some of the most beneficial organizations out there are not very known at all and as a company we have direct ways to approach the right people that are making a real difference.

Reason 3: The reality is that not many people donate directly to charities or other non-profit organizations. On the other hand, the idea of purchasing an item, knowing that part of the proceeds are used for charity, is a much more widespread and popular concept, so we decided to use this approach. We are not a charity and also do not accept direct donations, but we do hope you will find something you like here.

Thank you for making it this far and enjoy our hub!